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Kappa Sigma Store Blog — Influencer

Kappa Sigma Influencer Program

Kappa Sigma Influencer Program

Kappa Sigma is the largest college social fraternity in the world! Have you thought about what it could be like to represent the brotherhood as an influencer? In this article, find the answers to all your questions about being a Kappa Sigma Influencer.

The Kappa Sigma Official Store Influencer Program

The Kappa Sigma Official store was started by Campus Classics in 2020 and the influencer program started in the summer of  2021. Since then we have continued to expand the amount of influencers we have across the country. We have loved working with active Kappa Sigma members to help represent our brand! These Kappa Sigma brothers offer very valuable perspectives into college trends that we apply into the apparel we offer. Kappa Sigma influencers are advocates for our brand on their campus and in their group.

As part of being on the influencer team, influencers receive free fashion-foward apparel items that represent Kappa Sigma! Once the free apparel items have been received influencers will take photos/videos in their new clothing. This is why you will often see influencer’s on our website and social media. We showcase our influencers because we love showcasing real brothers representing the fraternity that changed their lives. We have witnessed and experienced the power that is behind a united fraternal brotherhood and we look to give brothers another outlet to proudly represent Kappa Sigma.

We show our support to influencers by offering them exclusive discounts and working with their chapters on their custom apparel needs. We listen to our influencers and value their  ideas and input. We aspire to have our influencers feel like they are a part of our team. We have learned so much from the influencers we currently have and are excited to grow more relationships across the U.S. 

If any of this article has sparked your interest we would love to chat more or consider you for our influencer program! Click here to apply today! We look forward to the possibility of working with you!