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Qualities and Characteristics of Kappa Sigma Brothers

Qualities and Characteristics of Kappa Sigma Brothers

Qualities and Characteristics of Kappa Sigma Brothers

Kappa Sigma is the largest social fraternity in the world, with over 200,000 living members and over 305 chapters and colonies. Kappa Sigma was founded in 1869 at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. The fraternity is based upon the Four Pillars of Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. These pillars are crucial to membership in Kappa Sigma and all Kappa Sigma brothers exemplify these qualities. Kappa Sigma is an organization dedicated to the betterment of their brotherhood and all incoming new members must uphold their values.


The first quality of the brotherhood of Kappa Sigma is Fellowship. By joining the brotherhood of Kappa Sigma, men across the world are dedicating themselves to an organization that promotes self-growth and awareness of a higher purpose. All brothers of the Kappa Sigma fraternity are responsible for maintaining the strong brotherhood that defines the organization. This brotherhood allows for men to belong to an extended family with the same characteristics while also getting to grow personal relationships. Kappa Sigma also prioritizes lifelong brotherhood and encourages undergraduate-alumni relationships.


In addition to fellowship, leadership is also one of the main qualities of Kappa Sigma membership. Kappa Sigma brothers are dedicated to becoming integral members of their local communities, with many members taking over prominent leadership roles. By prioritizing leadership in daily life, Kappa Sigma can foster the next generation of leaders across the nation, with many brothers becoming CEOs, governors, and senators. The fraternity as a whole has a variety of chances for leadership, with individual chapters organizing programs that promote leadership growth on a smaller scale. 


One of the other main pillars of the Kappa Sigma fraternity is its emphasis on scholarship. On a national scale, Kappa Sigma highlights that the main purpose of college is to receive an education and pushes this standard on members across the world. Additionally, Kappa Sigma has provided over $4.5 million dollars in scholarships to its members who excel in academics, campus involvement, and leadership.

On a local scale, Kappa Sigma has a dedication to maintaining good relationships with colleges and universities. Kappa Sigma promotes academic achievement and helps each member excel while in school. Each chapter is responsible for helping its new members adjust to their college environment, study, and succeed academically. 


Finally, one of the most important parts of the Kappa Sigma brotherhood is service. Like most fraternities, Kappa Sigma prioritizes and encourages service to others. Kappa Sigma brothers are involved in a variety of different service organizations and all provide meaningful contributions to both their local and campus communities. Fraternity members spend thousands of hours giving back to their communities and raise thousands of dollars for a variety of different organizations. Kappa Sigma has a national commitment to The Military Heroes Campaign, but local chapters dedicate themselves to both this cause and other organizations that are meaningful to them. Kappa Sigma prioritizes service because it allows for its members to do good while also pushing themselves to grow. Service allows brothers to work for a higher purpose and make a difference.


In conclusion, the qualities of Kappa Sigma are incredibly meaningful to their brotherhood. All brothers in Kappa Sigma must exemplify all of the Four Pillars of their fraternity and vow to uphold them not only through the rest of their time in college, but also for the rest of their lives. Joining the Kappa Sigma brotherhood is an honor and the fraternities legacy must be respected.  All incoming new members are expected to positively benefit the fraternity and its ideals. Being a Kappa Sigma brother is an honor and privilege.

Why Kappa Sigma Members Need Custom Apparel

Kappa Sigma Brothers Need Custom Apparel Merch Gear

Why Kappa Sigma Members Need Custom Apparel

Being in a fraternity is an incredible experience, especially if you're a Kappa Sigma. And what better way to celebrate your lifelong membership in this amazing organization than to get custom apparel? There is always a need to have your fraternity represented in your colors, with a new design, or on a new piece of gear. Not to mention, there are so many reasons that you need custom apparel for your entire fraternity, although you don’t ever need an excuse to wear your letters!


One of the best times to get custom apparel as a Kappa Sigma is after recruitment. Whether you’re a new member or have been in the fraternity for a while, making sure that you get cool new tees and custom apparel is a must. The best way to welcome home your new members is to get commemorative tees for the rush experience, and getting to give new brothers their custom gear after they finish rush and are officially members is something that everyone remembers! If you have a special theme for rush, this is also the perfect opportunity to design custom apparel to match!



Another great time to get custom apparel is for fundraisers. Whether you just want to have your members match while tabling for charity or have an athletic team playing for a cause, getting custom apparel is a must. Depending on what fundraiser you’re doing, you could get custom tees, hats, jerseys, socks, and many others. Other great ideas are to get cups, customized shot glasses, and other small goodies to give away to people who donate or participate in your fundraising event! 


Another great reason to get custom apparel for your fraternity is to commemorate formal events. If you hold a few really popular dances a year, these are the perfect events to get custom apparel for. You can get tees with custom-rendered designs and sell them to everyone attending (this is a great way to fundraise) and also have them for your brothers. Even if your event doesn’t have a specific theme, it is still a great idea to get a customized tee to celebrate your event!


Just like formals, a great way to commemorate your special parties is to get a themed tee. If your chapter throws a specific themed party, this is a great option to sell to everyone attending and really build up the hype for future parties. Additionally, if your university has a parents weekend or young alumni weekend, this is a great time to get custom apparel as well. Customized cups are also super popular for this type of event and can be given out for free as a celebration of your fraternity!


In conclusion, there is never a bad time to order customized apparel for Kappa Sigma members. Even if your chapter just wants a new hoodie or tee to represent your letters on campus, getting a customized order is a great way to ensure that you have unique apparel on campus! 

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What is Kappa Sigma's Philanthropy?

What Is Kappa Sigma's Philanthropy? The Military Heroes Campaign

What is Kappa Sigma Philanthropy?

Kappa Sigma is dedicated to serving others and contributing to a variety of philanthropic organizations. Although all chapters have the ability to contribute to whatever organization they choose, Kappa Sigma does have national philanthropy, the Military Heroes Campaign. 

The Military Heroes Campaign is solely run by the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. It is committed to providing ongoing care for military veterans and their families and was started with the idea that every veteran deserves a stable life and a community full of supporters. Kappa Sigma organizations work hard to raise the funds necessary to provide stability in military veterans' lives. Since 2007, Kappa Sigma has raised over $2 million dollars for veterans across North America. Kappa Sigma chapters hold 5ks, golf tournaments, and many other events to raise money and awareness for this cause. 

Additionally, Kappa Sigma holds an annual event called Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Month. During this competition, held in the month of November, all chapters and colonies are encouraged to raise as much money as possible for the organization. They are awarded points based on three criteria: social media, dollars raised per man, and hours dedicated per man. 

Kappa Sigma’s Military Heroes Campaign donates to organizations dedicated to the betterment of veterans’ lives such as the Seal Legacy Foundation, Veterans Moving Forward, Homes For Our Troops, and many others. This cause is important to all Kappa Sigma brothers and many chapters work hard to ensure that they are fundraising hard enough to contribute lots to these organizations.

The Truth Behind the Kappa Sigma Symbol

Kappa Sigma Symbol Crest (flag)

The Truth Behind the Kappa Sigma Symbol


Kappa Sigma’s symbols are the star and crescent. These two symbols together represent the brotherhood of Kappa Sigma, represented in the following prose:

The Star and Crescent shall not be worn by every man, but only by him who is worthy to wear it. He must be a gentleman ...a man of honor and courage ...a man of zeal, yet humble … an intelligent man ...a man of truth who tempers action with wisdom, and, above all else, one who walks in the light of God.

Kappa Sigma’s star and crescent are most commonly seen together in their Badge of the Order. This symbol was created by one of the founders of the fraternity in 1869. The badge itself is convex, with the crescent touching four of the points of the star. This connection of points related the badge to the Four Pillars of Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. The badge also holds skull and cross bones in the middle, crossed keys on the left, and crossed swords on the right. These symbols all have significant meaning to the fraternity. 

The badge is often decorated with black enamel, plated in gold, and adorned with rubies, pearls, and emeralds, which are the three colors of the fraternity (scarlet, white, and emerald green). Wearing the Badge of the Order is a great honor and symbol of dedication to the fraternity, representing the high honor of being a Kappa Sigma brother. 


The Brothers of Kappa Sigma take pride in wearing their crest, you can too when you shop the wide selection of apparel at the Official Kappa Sigma Store

Your 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Kappa Sigma Holiday Gift Guide
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